Alle Inputs von irma

According to the list of works for viola on wikipedia, there are a number of compositions for viola and piano by Zitterbart... He wrote a total of 13 Viola Sonatas, and several smaller pieces for the same instrumentation. Many of them are available here in manuscript form here: The American Viola Society also published his Sonata number 2 in G-minor (beautifully edited by David M. Bynog in 2015) and his Three Pieces. These are available at the American Viola Project:
Sheet music for many of Yngve Sköld's pieces can be found for purchase here:
Die Manuskripte der Bratschenwerke von Erich Marckhl sind alle hier zu finden:
Scharwenka's piano quintet (op 118) is available now... at imslp:,_Op.118_(Scharwenka,_Philipp) and on youtube in a really excellent performance: