Mario Korunic(1964)

1964-11-0311/03/1964 in Zagreb, Croatia
Mario Korunic
I founded the Ā«Gitanes BlondesĀ» group in 1990. Why the Blond Gypsies? Roma and Sinti musicians are known for accumulating the folk music of the countries where they live and and interpreting it in their own way. However, it is not necessary to belong to belong to an ethnic group in order to love and play their music. Time and again we have surprised our surprised our audience with pieces of music that come from different corners of our beautiful earth. Whether gypsy, klezmer, Irish reels and hornpipes, choros from Latin America or Finnish polkas. We sang and danced everywhere. Mario Korunic


Magic Carpet Concerto, for Solo Viola and String Orchestra

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Magic Carpet Concerto, for Viola Solo and String Orchestra, Score and parts (7)
Mario KorunicMario Korunic
Photo: M. Korunic